Guardian Info » Why Become a Certified Guardian?

Chart Why Become Certified by CGC?

  • Gain a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals
  • Have a broader range of employment opportunities
  • Show your commitment to professionalism
  • Feel personal achievement and satisfaction
  • Be nationally recognized
  • Increase your credibility

Chart As a CGC Certified Guardian, you will:

  • Be instantly recognized for your high standards and qualifications, including international recognition
  • Have portable certification for ease when relocating or changing jobs
  • Be listed in the CGC’s “Find a Guardian” section of the CGC website
  • Be held in higher regard by the public and other professionals
  • Be identified as an individual qualified to serve as a fiduciary, as someone who can be entrusted with financial affairs

Chart When You Are Certified by CGC, you:

  • Let potential clients, the court system and the general public know you are held to specific standards of practice
  • Declare your professional competence
  • Demonstrate your commitment to standards and ethics
  • Have an objective measure and validation of your knowledge
  • Are set apart from non-certified guardians as someone who has met nationally recognized requirements, including training and an examination
  • May meet requirements to practice as a guardian in some states

CGC National Certified Guardians and National Master Guardians are the leaders in quality and trusted guardianship service.

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