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Why become a certified guardian? How do I become a certified guardian? Why choose a certified guardian?

The Rate for CGC's CEU Processing Reduced to $10!
Live and Online Courses Eligible!

CGC has reduced its Course Processing Fee to $10 per CEU offered. (This is a savings over the former processing rate of $100.)

The CGC CEU approval process is easy! Review it for yourself here.

The CEU approval from CGC will be valid for one year and your course information will be listed on the CGC website in two different places — under Become Certified and under Recertification.

Click here to submit your CEUs for approval.

If you have any questions about the new CGC CEU Approval Fee for $10 per CEU, please email our certification department at

Tracking Your Recertification CEUs on CGC's Website is Easy!

In the past, you had to keep track of your CEUs yourself until it was time for you to recertify. CGC did not have a record of how many CEUs you accumulated. Because this was something many guardians told us would be helpful, CGC has developed an online tracking system to store your hours with us!

You can keep an online record of your CEUs through CGC’s website. Simply click here for the CEU Tracking Form.

Then, enter your username and password. (Username and passwords are not case-sensitive.)

Click the “Add a Course” button and you will be prompted to enter basic information about the course as well as the applicable core competencies. Please keep paper copies of your proof of attendance so you are prepared in the event that you are audited during your recertification.

By logging into your CGC account, you can also view your recertification date. Please remember to submit your recertification materials 30 days prior to your recertification date as per CGC’s Rules and Regulations.

If you feel that the CGC Website CEU tracking form does not work for you, please continue to use the paper form to track your hours for recertification and include the core competencies that can be tied back to each course.

The online CEU tracking form that CGC now offers is a courtesy—not a requirement but is very easy and stores your hours for you!

If you have any questions about the new CGC Website CEU tracking form or how you can submit your CEUs during recertification, please email our communications department at

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Guardianship Certification is to provide a comprehensive guardianship certification program.


The purpose of the Center for Guardianship Certification is:

A. To develop and administer a national credentialing process for guardians.
B. To address issues related to renewal, suspension and revocation of credentials for guardians.
C. To encourage, support and foster best practices in the provision of quality guardianship services.

Vision Statement

Every guardian will obtain and maintain CGC certification.

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