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Center for Guardianship Certification

PO Box 5704
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 238-4689
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Kristina Yann, Certification Associate

Kristina is the staff member who can answer questions about how to submit an application, where an application is in process, background checks, and exam results. Any issues with logging into your account from the website, changing your contact information, recertification issues, etc. are directed to Kristina.

Denise R. Calabrese, CAE, Executive Director

Denise can answer questions about complaints, the history of the organization, and policy topics.

Michelle Keyser, Communications Director

Michelle is the “go-to” for anything related to social media and marketing strategies.

Courtney Kuntz, Communications Manager

Awards program information and updates needed on website content and broken links should come to Courtney for a response.

Pat Ross, Finance Administrator

If you need a receipt for a payment, or have a charge from CGC and you’re not sure what it is for, contact Pat.