Inactive/Emeritus Status

To apply for either inactive or emeritus status, please login to your CGC account and click on the inactive/emeritus application link.

Center for Guardianship Certification Policy on Inactive and Emeritus Status

Inactive status for National Certified Guardians and National Master Guardians:

Any National Certified Guardian (NCG) or National Master Guardian (NMG) who is not currently working as a guardian, but wants to preserve their NCG or NMG status, may apply for Inactive status. This designation is appropriate for those who anticipate they will return to the guardian profession.

The fee is one-half of the two-year renewal rate for a two year period for NCGs and one-half of the three-year renewal rate for a three year period for NMGs. To return to active status, the NCG or NMG must submit an application and provide evidence of appropriate Continuing Education Units (CEUs) — 20 hours per two-year period for NCGs and 30 hours per three-year period for NMGs — for the period of inactivity.

The maximum period of inactivity is four years for NCGs and three years for NMGs. The NCG or NMG is responsible for requesting and maintaining the Inactive status. The NCG or NMG will not receive notice the Inactive status is about to expire. Failure to reactivate status before the maximum extension will require a new appropriate application and exam. The certified guardian who is approved for Inactive status may not utilize the CGC certification marks on any material.

Emeritus status for National Certified Guardians and National Master Guardians:

Retired guardians who wish to retain NCG or NMG status while no longer actively practicing as a guardian may apply for Emeritus status. This designation is appropriate for those who do not expect to ever again serve as a professional guardian. In order to be designated as an Emeritus NCG or NMG, the following requirements must be met:

1. A minimum of six years as an active NCG or NMG;
2. Payment of a $350 fee for lifetime designation; and
3. Completion of an application which includes:
a. Name, address, telephone and e-mail;
b. Agreement to notify the CGC of any change in contact information.

An Emeritus NCG or NMG who returns to professional guardianship practice may not continue to use the Emeritus designation. In such a situation, the certified guardian is encouraged to make application to return to active status by completing the renewal application with affirmations, CEU documentation and the current applicable renewal fee. If the date of the Emeritus designation is more than two years prior to the date of the application to return to active status, the Emeritus NCG or NMG must re-take the appropriate examinations.

Inactive NCGs or NMGs who want to become Emeritus NCGs or NMGs must go through the same application process. Years as an inactive NCG or NMG do not count toward the required six-years of active guardianship practice.

Inactive and Emeritus NCGs and NMGs are still subject to the Rules and Regulations of the CGC.