Emeritus Guardians

Retired guardians who wish to retain NCG or NMG status while no longer actively practicing as a guardian may apply for Emeritus status. In order to be designated as an Emeritus NCG or NMG, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A minimum of six years as an active NCG or NMG;
  2. Payment of a fee for lifetime designation; and
  3. Completion of an application

Following are CGC’s certified guardians holding Emeritus status:

Charles Alkire, NCG Emeritus
Shannon Alvey, NMG Emeritus
Joanna Bell-Schmid, NMG Emeritus
Jeffry Brandon, NCG Emeritus
Lois M. Brandriet, NCG Emeritus
Deborah Elizabeth Brown, NMG Emeritus
Margy Campbell, NMG Emeritus
Ginny Casazza, NCG Emeritus
Clara Cooley, NCG Emeritus
Susan DeBoer, NMG Emeritus
James Degel, NMG Emeritus
Kathleen Eddy, NMG Emeritus
Kathleen Edman Segal, NCG Emeritus
Sarah Elmasian, MS, NCG Emeritus
John Fusik, NMG Emeritus
Edward Gardner, NMG Emeritus
Kim Grier, NCG Emeritus
Debra L. Gwin, NCG Emeritus
Mary Hansen, NCG Emeritus
Debra Heiker, NMG Emeritus
Shay Jacobson, NMG Emeritus
Darcy Johnson, NCG Emeritus
Michelle Kenney, NCG Emeritus
Gale Kirk, NCG Emeritus
Thomas Justin Kleinhenz, NCG Emeritus
Kathy Kruse Blair, NCG Emeritus
Rebbecca Lake Wood, NMG Emeritus
Amanda Lambert, NMG Emeritus
Lexie Lamborn, NMG Emeritus
Carolyn Little, NMG Emeritus
Michelle Lundquist, NCG Emeritus
Cecilia Mason, NCG Emeritus
Paula Mixson, NCG Emeritus
Greg S. Mullowney, NMG Emeritus
Julia Nack, NMG Emeritus
Neil Newstein, NCG Emeritus
Catherine R. Robbins, NMG Emeritus
Rosalie Rowsey, NCG Emeritus
Donna Russell, NMG Emeritus
Inez Russell, NCG Emeritus
Patricia Sittig, NCG Emeritus
Crystal Smith, NMG Emeritus
Chrystal Valles, NCG Emeritus
Richard Vanderheiden, NCG Emeritus
Dawn Walters, NMG Emeritus
Judi Wright, NCG Emeritus
Frederick D. Floreth, NCG Emeritus