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For guidance on how to submit a complaint against a CGC certificant, please visit the following two documents:

Checklist for Complaints

Complaint Instructions Document

Important Information

Persons interested in the activities of guardians must understand that the court that appointed the guardian has the sole authority to remove the guardian from a particular case. CGC can only review complaints and discipline a certificant in accordance with the organization's Rules & Regulations.

There are several states that certify, license or register guardians as a matter of state law; currently Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas and Washington. In these states, complaints or grievances may be made to a state oversight board that can review allegations about the behavior of a guardian and impose disciplinary sanctions on the guardian if found necessary. These state level boards most often require that a complaint about the behavior of a guardian be made first to the local court of jurisdiction.

What authority does the Center for Guardianship Certification have over guardians?

Answer: The Center for Guardianship Certification (CGC) has a two-tiered certification process, certifying National Certified Guardians (NCG) at the entry level and National Master Guardians (NMG), with a higher level of experience and responsibility. The CGC has authority over only those individual guardians who are certified as NCGs or NMGs.

What can CGC do to discipline a guardian?

Answer: The CGC may deny, suspend or revoke a certification, or impose other disciplinary action on an individual NCG or NMG. The process for reviewing a complaint against an individual guardian is quite extensive and is not taken lightly. The process is outlined in detail in the CGC Rules and Regulations.

How do I file a complaint about a NCG or NMG with CGC?

Answer: Individuals wishing to file a complaint against a CGC certified National Certified Guardian or a National Master Guardian must provide evidence in writing of a violation of the National Guardianship Association Ethical Principles or Standards of Practice, including any change in status that affects their eligibility to be certified as defined in the CGC Rules and Regulations. CGC will not accept anonymous complaints. Letters of complaint should be addressed to the Executive Director, Center for Guardianship Certification, P.O. Box 5704, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110. Complainants wishing to have a guardian removed from a case must contact the appointing court to determine that court’s procedure for such a complaint.

Observations on PRBs Conducted by CGC

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